Lastenfahrräder (cargo bikes)

One of the things that has really made an impression on me here is how creative people are with how they transport their children around (since lots of people in this city don’t own a car). Check it out!














Here’s my friend Chloe on hers. The baby usually rides in the car seat behind her and there’s room for 4 kids up front. If we did this in the States we would be a much skinnier nation! Chloe said this model costs around 1700 Euros ($2,311). This is a more expensive one though- made out of aluminum to make it much lighter.



One thought on “Lastenfahrräder (cargo bikes)

  1. Grandma

    The cargo bikes are amazing! As you said, a great way to stay in shape. can’t wait to visit..luckily the girls are big enough to walk or ride their bikes!

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