Four Stars!!!!

Wow- I am really behind. I can’t believe I am just now posting about Germany’s World Cup win!

Needless to say, things were CRAZY here. It was so awesome to be here to witness it all!! There was lots of shouting/ car horns honking/ fireworks, etc. – well into the night (and this is just what we saw from our home- we weren’t even at a public viewing venue!).

It is Germany’s 4th World Cup win- the last was 24 years ago in 1990. I was telling Simon that we need to buy some new German Fußball jerseys- ones with 4 stars on them!

Kiera was just out of the hospital and recuperating at home so I didn’t get to document much of the craziness. She was actually in the hospital during Germany’s game against Brazil when they won 7-1. The nurses let all of the kids in the ward stay up really late to watch the game in the common room- they were cheering and yelling like you wouldn’t believe!

Snapped pics of a few newspapers the day after they won the World Cup…




We are still finding lots of World Cup themed items in the grocery store…


Kinder chocolates of the German team members




Coke can




The girls have been doing lots of World Cup art work at school and camp…




World Cup trophies made out of clay (in case you were wondering..)


Tattoo Kiera got at school..

Congratulations Deutschland!! Well deserved.

I thought this post from another expat blog here was interesting (about German national pride)…


2 thoughts on “Four Stars!!!!

  1. Grandma

    love the kinder! They should be proud of their win! nice to see that the kids also get involved in the support for the players!

  2. Tanta Jenny

    Cool to witness that!

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