I’m Meegan. Currently a stay at home Mama and German language student. I enjoy traveling, photography, reading, green places, the sky five minutes before it rains, ballet, autumn, crafting and reading with my daughters, making jewelry, snowy days, kind people. I grew up in New Hampshire and lived in Boston for eight years. New England has my heart.

I met my husband Simon when I was 17. He was 16 and a foreign exchange student from Germany. We only had a few months together but I guess it made an impression on both of us! We stayed in touch sporadically over the next 10 years until we met up again in 1999, when we were both living in California. This time we knew it was for keeps, and within a few months we were living together in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where we eloped. This is definitely the “Cliff Notes” version- maybe someday I’ll write down the whole story.

Simon is from Cologne, Germany, but his English grammar is better than mine (sort of embarrassing). He’s a network engineer/ manager/ go-to man for anything computer related. Wicked Smaht (as we say in Boston). He’s an eternal optimist and usually wakes up in a good mood. I tend to lean towards pessimism (I’m working on it), so I like to think we balance each other out… Most importantly, he’s an amazing Papa to our two girls.

Quinnie is our first born. She has the kindest heart and is very inquisitive about the world. She is very social and can make friends anywhere. She’s fascinated by animals and insects of any kind. Obsessed with Guinea Pigs. She’d eat sugar all day long if I’d let her. She loves knitting and creating any kind of art, and correcting her Mother’s horrible German. She is a sensitive soul and is mature beyond her years. She’s an incredible big sister.

Kiera is two years younger and a spitfire. She is definitely her own person and knows what she does and doesn’t like/ want. She loves drawing, airplanes, dragons, animals, insects, spraying perfume (lol) and playing on the computer (much to her Papa’s delight- he can’t wait to teach her how to code!). Every day she collects “treasures” that she finds at school and on the street- things like “special” sticks, rocks, old barrettes, bottle caps, broken balloon skins…

They bring me so much joy and crack me up every day. I’m so glad I get to be their Mama.

I started this blog in 2013, a few months after we moved to Cologne, Germany from San Diego, California (where we lived for 12 years).

I was inspired to start blogging for my girls. I had always felt guilty that I wasn’t better about documenting their childhoods, and I thought blogging would be a good way to do that- a glorified scrapbook of sorts.  I hope they’ll come back to this blog when they’re older and relive some great memories.

I also figured blogging would be a great way to let our far away friends and family know what we’ve been up to, and hopefully feel included in our adventures living in Europe. For the first two years this was a private blog. Every time I would tell friends and family there was a new post I’d get lots of emails and texts asking for the username and password over and over again. So I decided to take it public in June 2015. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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