Quinnie’s School

We were very lucky to get Quinnie into the same school that Simon, his sister, and his Tante Bärbel went to. Cousin Maxim goes there also! It’s a very popular school and placement there is much- coveted. We just found out that Great Uncle Martin designed some of the inside of the school! Before school started we went by with Quinnie to check it out.

The door directly to the left of the school’s entrance is where Simon lived when he went to this school. Oma said they moved there to get into this particular school (in Germany schools must accept students who reside close to the school).  I think it’s so cool that our girls are growing up in the same neighborhood that their Papa did, and attending the same school their Papa went to (and playing in the same park and playground also!).

In Germany, it’s tradition that kids who start First Grade receive a Schultüte from their parents. It’s similar to how we think of Christmas stockings in America. You fill the inside of the horn with candy, toys and school supplies. Parents put A LOT of work into them- you wouldn’t believe the fancy Schultüten we saw! Of course I didn’t know what a big deal this was, and at 11pm the night before the first day of school Simon mentioned, “I think we’re supposed to decorate them or something.” Are you kidding me?! Thank God I had packed some stickers in our suitcases. I hastily tried to decorate. Quinnie seemed perfectly happy with it at least…






On our way to the first day of school…

In most of Germany the first day of school starts with a small church service (even if the school isn’t a religious school).


Older students welcoming and singing for the new students


Opa, Oma and Tante Ruth came!


Then the new students are called up for a blessing. Here’s Quinnie receiving hers…


Then we walked back to the school for a performance put on by the older students. Check out the space-age backpacks. All of the kids have this kind. They’re all the same shape (they look like jet-packs!) but come in all kinds of colors and designs.  I’ve seen lots of Star Wars ones. Star Wars may even be more popular here than in the States. They are insanely expensive (over 100 euros for some of them!). I’m glad Quinnie is happy with her floppy Jansport backpack from T.J. Maxx!


Quinnie is so excited that she gets to be at the same school as her cousin Maxim. Here he is playing the Blockflöte.








Quinnie posing with her Schultüte under the “My First School Day!” sign on the chalkboard.


Quinnie’s classroom and peers


Quinnie finally gets to open her Schultüte!


She got a Playmobil (HUGELY popular here), Kinder Schokolade, lollypops, and some colored pencils.


Kinder Überraschung (surprise) Eggs are a favorite with both the girls. It’s a hollow chocolate egg w/ a toy surprise inside the yellow capsule. You never know what you’re going to get!


Quinnie LOVED the real shell necklace she got from her teacher, Frau Lill.

Afterwards Oma and Opa took us out to eat and then we went back to their house and Quinnie and Maxim put together her new Playmobil.

Quinnie LOVES her school. I secretly had quite a bit of anxiety about how she would like it, especially with the language differences and her not knowing any kids there. I figured there would be an adjustment period where she’d be pretty miserable. But she hasn’t complained ONCE and seems to genuinely love going to school. She has quite a few of the older girls who are her friends- they love to practice their English with her. When I pick her up from school she is often holding hands with one of her friends.



3 thoughts on “Quinnie’s School

  1. Jen

    Does your daughter go to a public school? We are preparing to move to Cologne and I was assuming we would have to send our daughters to an international school.

    • Meegan

      Hi Jen! Apologies for the VERY late reply (I haven’t been blogging for months but am starting up again). Yes, both of our girls go to public school and all of their classes are in German. Our girls were 4 and 6 when we moved here so they were young enough to pick up the language pretty quickly (it took about 4-5 months with full immersion). Best of luck to you and your family on your move- Cologne is a great city to live in!

  2. Amy

    cool! how’s the german coming along?

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