Portsmouth, New Hampshire

After our family day at Strawbery Banke, Grandma drove the girls back home while Simon and I checked into a hotel in Portsmouth for a few days. We don’t get a lot of alone time (unfortunately), but when we do, we always have a blast.

My favorite thing to do almost anywhere is to walk around, explore, and take photos. Luckily, Simon’s cool with that and doesn’t mind tagging along..

North Church

Memorial Bridge

in Prescott Park..

still a goofball..

sign in front of a Mexican restaurant (we did, and we felt great!)

I think these two sign boards in town kind of sum up the Portsmouth spirit- a place full of humble and kind people who like to party 🙂

Later that night we met up with my sister Jenny and her husband Kevin to celebrate her 40th birthday..

It was so fun- wish we could meet up more regularly!

view from our table

front of the restaurant (we’ve been coming here for years!)

Portsmouth is pretty at night too..

another great place to eat (and drink!)

On the way home the next day, we stopped by Rye Beach and spent the afternoon reading and relaxing…

..and grabbed another lobster roll for this guy. Can you tell he liked it?!



6 thoughts on “Portsmouth, New Hampshire

  1. Aunt Jenny

    Hopefully we can do it again this year! Nice seeing photos of you and Simon at the beach! See you soon:)

    • Meegan

      Sounds great!!

  2. Linda Mele

    Awesome pictures. They could be postcards. Thanks for sharing

    • Meegan

      Thanks Linda!

  3. Grandma L

    Love this post and the fact that the sissies were able to spend time together! Sweet photos of the 4 of you..Portsmouth is one of my “favoritist” places!

    • Meegan

      Yes- Portland is a cool place!!

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