Flat Cassidy and the Enduring Power of Friendship

I knew when we moved to Germany that Quinnie was going to really miss her San Diego friends. But I also thought, “She’s 6 years old- how strong can a 6 year old’s friendship be? She’ll make new friends and it will be fine.”  Well, she has made some good new friends, but I’ve come to realize that I was wrong about the ties of young childhood friendships. A year later, she still misses her San Diego friends desperately and talks about them often.

Cassidy is one of those friends, and in fact, is Quinnie’s oldest friend. Her Mom Linda and I became friends when we were both pregnant with our girls, and Quinnie and Cassidy were born only a few months apart. The play dates started when they were just newborns (as Linda and I were trading tips on how to navigate this new Motherhood thing).


Quinnie on the left (with her crazy stick-up hair), Cassidy on the right (above)









photo 2

favorite past time- riding the train at the zoo

photo 1

full of sass


On Cowles Mountain with Natasha (another good friend of Quinnie’s). This is right before we left for Germany.

A few weeks ago I got an email from Linda asking if we would help Cassidy with a school project. Her class was doing a “foreign exchange student” project. All of the kids were to pick someone who lived in another country and send them a flat version of themselves so that they could “travel” around the foreign country. Her project was called Flat Cassidy (based on the Flat Stanley books that are popular in the States). We were supposed to take pictures of Flat Cassidy all around Cologne and write a letter back to Cassidy’s class. We had fun doing it!

This is what we received from Cassidy in the mail…




It’s Flat Cassidy!!

Here’s Quinnie’s letter to Cassidy and her class…




And the pictures we took with Flat Cassidy around Cologne (following the order in the letter)…


The Weckschnapp (our home)


our subway stop


on the train


Duck Pond with ducklings


our neighborhood playground




Kölner Dom


Kölner Dom


Roman Arch


Inside the Dom


Heinzelmännchen Fountain




We miss you Cassidy and hope you will come visit us in Germany for real!

2 thoughts on “Flat Cassidy and the Enduring Power of Friendship

  1. Grandma

    How did I miss this awesome blog? I remember the play dates the girls had and wouldn’t it be great if they could come and visit sometime! Q does look so tall..is it the angle of the camera? You always remember those first friendships..also love the photo of the girls on top of Cowles mt..Great handwriting too Quinnie..xo

  2. Tante Jenny

    Absolutely LOVE this post. What a cute idea Cassidy’s school had. Quinnie looks so grown up with her hair down and looks so tall. Impressive writing and handwriting!

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