The Rest of our American Summer Pics

We spent a few days in upstate New York visiting relatives. Here’s Great-Grandma with five of her Great-Grandkids.

Aunt Marcia’s pool was a big hit once again

Aunt Jenny came with us- here she is getting some love from the girls

ice cream sundaes at Great-Grandma’s house

four generations

any New Englander who is a Stephen King fan will get why I took this photo

covered bridge sighting

our annual trip to The Old Country Store

day trip to Portland, Maine with Ed, Amy and the girls

My brother and his “little” girl 🙂

more cousin fun…

can you tell Quinnie adores her?

Kiera LOVED this toy Grandma bought her (especially since you can take the skeleton out)

Then it was time to fly home. Unfortunately, it didn’t go smoothly (again!). When we got to the airport we saw that our flight was canceled (with no notification). I won’t bore you with the gory details of what we went through to book new flights (which involved Simon having to call Germany, among other things). Simon was on a different flight, so he left right away. The girls and I were stranded at the airport for another 5 hours until our new flight left. It was a LONG day.

Quinnie was very emotional about leaving America. Partly because she loves it there so much, but mostly because she knew that she would probably never see Gertie (my parents’ dog) again. Gertie was very old and in poor health. In fact, she died two months later. I’m so glad the girls got to spend the past two summers with her. They made some great memories.

Side note- by the time I took this pic, Quinnie had been weepy on and off for hours. I guess I wasn’t (still) giving her the amount of comfort she wanted, so she resorted to asking Kiera for cuddles. Kiera was THRILLED. She adores her big sister and is rarely asked to cuddle with her.

Their faces- LOL! Quinnie is miserable and Kiera is in heaven



One thought on “The Rest of our American Summer Pics

  1. Grandma Lerz

    I love the sister cuddles and the cousin love! I’m so glad we have been able to continue our time together each summer! Grandma is getting excited! Two more sleeps..❤️

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