Snow Days!

Köln is one of the warmest places in Germany, so we don’t get much snow. If we’re lucky, we’ll maybe get a day or two of snowfall in winter. This is considered a decent snowfall here. Just enough to make a scraggly, tiny snowman. our snowman I love that her hat is on backwards! my […]

Basilika Sankt Gereon

The choir that Quinnie is in was asked to sing at a First Communion in Basilika Sankt Gereon. I’ve blogged about this beautiful church and it’s history before in this post. Quinnie and Kiera’s Great-Grandparents were married there, so it’s pretty cool that she gets to sing there occasionally. Oma, Opa, Tante Ruth and Maxim […]

First Snow!

This winter we finally got some snow! I can’t tell you how excited we all were- especially since we didn’t get any in Köln last year. We spent most of the day outdoors because we knew it wouldn’t last. Quinnie catching snowflakes on her tongue /  Ella making snowballs We randomly ran into our old […]


The Eigelstein is the closest shopping area to The Weckschnapp (our place). I snapped a few pics with my iPhone on a few shopping trips there (throughout the year). The Eigelsteintorburg is the medievel Prussian old castle gate The back side of the Eigelsteintorburg. A few months ago I saw a wedding take place inside […]


Lentbad is a massive building next to Lentpark where you can go swimming or ice skating (and probably lots of other activities that I don’t even know about!). The girls have really developed a love for ice skating and ask to go there most weekends (just a short bike ride away!). Lentbad next to Lentpark […]


KVB is Köln’s subway/ transit system. It works on an honor system of sorts in the sense that there are no turnstiles- you just walk onto the train. They have machines where you can buy per-ride tickets or you can get a monthly pass (unlimited rides). To keep you honest they have ticket checkers who […]