Quinnie the Knitter

Right after we moved to Germany, Oma gave Quinnie her first Strick-Liesel. Lots of kids in German grow up using them (Simon even had one!). Oma taught Quinnie how to use it, and she quickly became obsessed. I don’t know how to knit, so thank goodness for Oma!


Here’s a How-To Strick-Liesel video (in German)


Oma has since taught Quinnie how to knit with all sorts of needles and looms. We have 3 big baskets full of yarn and other knitting paraphernalia.


knitting on the subway (wearing a scarf knitted by Oma)


knitting in a restaurant


I even caught her knitting in the bathtub!


knitting in heels (lol!)


She’s pretty resourceful when she can’t find her needles…


One thought on “Quinnie the Knitter

  1. Marlaine Lerz

    Love the high heels! She looks more and more like you Meegan! Does she finish her projects? Can I put in an order for a scarf?

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