Fun in New Hampshire (Grandma and Grandpa’s neighborhood)

Now that we’re about to head to America for the summer again, maybe I should finally do some posts from last summer? Ah, the life of a lazy blogger!

While packing, we made sure we had the essentials (German chocolate for friends and family). A whole suitcase full!

Waiting to board our plane- the girls were SO excited to be going back to the States again. Unfortunately, it ended up being the trip from hell. Two hours into the flight it became apparent that I had a very bad case of the stomach flu. I was vomiting about every 15 minutes or so, stuck in a tiny airplane seat, feeling MISERABLE.

I had to keep it together though since I was travelling with the girls alone. When we finally made it to baggage claim (at 2 am our time), it took another hour for our luggage to come out. I had no energy at this point and had to sit on the floor. Kiera had to go to the bathroom, and was forced to have an accident in her pants because there were no bathrooms in the baggage claim area. They told us we couldn’t leave to find a bathroom without our luggage (we wouldn’t be allowed back in).

Keep in mind, this whole time I’m trying not to vomit since there’s no bathroom. Both of the girls were crying. Then I spiked a fever and broke out in hives all over my body. Our luggage finally arrived, and after meeting up with my parents, we had another 2 1/2 hour drive to NH to get through. See what I mean about flight from hell? Let’s hope it goes smoother this year!

Yes! We finally made it!! We all LOVE our summers at Grandma and Grandpa’s place– we always have so much fun…

squirt guns!

ganging up on Grandpa

we ate LOTS of fresh farm-stand corn (luckily the girls love shucking it)

farm-stand down the road where my Mom buys fruits and veggies

Grandpa making his special cheeseburgers

We usually arrive just after the 4th of July, so there are still flags around the house. The girls have always loved playing with them.

S’mores! One of their favorite American traditions.

We went to the Old Home Week parade in Freedom, NH again..

LOTS of ice cream was eaten. That’s one of the best things about summer, right?!

But the summer didn’t really begin for them until their cousins Madeline and Audrey arrived. The four of them LOVE to go down to the river across the street and explore. We did lots of fun, interesting things last summer, but when I asked what their favorite thing about summer in America was, they both said, “Playing at the river with our cousins.” It’s the simple things in life…

pretty walk through the woods to get to the river

they even made their own fishing poles..

lots of creatures to find

love those happy faces!


another summer tradition- sparklers!

and more ice cream!

every summer they decorate these round pieces of paper that Grandma sends in to get made into plates

water balloons!

bathing Barley (Madeline and Audrey’s dog). They added another dog to their family this year, so it’ll be double the fun this summer! All four girls are animal crazy 🙂

Quinnie’s face! We are so mean for not letting her have a dog.

Lobster dinner for Grandma’s birthday (probably one of Simon’s favorite things about New England- all the amazing lobster and seafood).

singing “Happy Birthday” to Grandma. Wish I’d gotten better pictures..


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  1. Grandma L

    Love our family traditions and the memories we are making for the grand girls and our children! Let the summer fun begin…❤️❤️❤️❤️

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