Halloween 2013

Halloween is definitely not as big a deal here as it is in the States- not even close. No trick-or-treating. I was worried about the girls being really disappointed about this but got no complaints (much to my surprise!). I was able to find a few Halloween parties- one through the American Club here, and one through my friend Chloe (who’s from Australia). The girls went as princesses- but of course! They live in a castle after all…












The American Club party had food, dancing, Arts and Crafts and a few doors of Trick-Or-Treating.














This place is an old fire department house that has been turned into a Community Center. They have a Halloween party for kids every year. They had food, dancing, Arts and Crafts, face painting. The best part though, was that Quinnie got to play with Matilda, and Kiera got to play with Annie. (They also have an adorable baby sister named Mimi.) Chloe is Australian and her husband is German. Her girls speak perfect English. Quinnie is SO excited to have a friend who speaks “American”.
















Quinnie doing her own Halloween decorations. The green hair is a Pom Pom on her head. I especially loved the witch’s cauldron… Kiera loves this skeleton decoration- carried it around until the arms fell off.







10 thoughts on “Halloween 2013

  1. Diane Williams

    Your mom forwarded your blog and I really enjoyed your wonderful postings and all the great pictures….I smiled through the whole thing! We are so happy for you, Simon and the girls….and the “castle” is really neat. Girls are adorable. Looks like a great place to live….nice to have family close by too. The little cousin is a handsome fellow. Enjoy the new life and we wish you all continued happiness!

    • Meegan

      Thanks Di! Great to hear from you! I didn’t have your email address so I asked my Mom to forward it to you. I bet you’re gearing up for Citrus Park? Hi to everyone!

  2. Jen

    Thank you so much for doing this. It is wonderful to see your life in Germany. Your girls look so happy. What a beautiful country!!! Glad it has been a good transition. xo

    • Meegan

      Thanks Jen!I figured it was the best way to give friends and family a view into our lives here. Hope you and the whole family are doing great. I heard your Halloween party was a blast like always! Hi to everyone!

  3. Amy

    love the pics meegan! the girls look happy!

  4. LInda

    Thanks for this wonderful view into your life in Germany. I truly enjoyed reading it and your pictures are wonderful.

    • Meegan

      Thanks Linda! I hear you’re enjoying your retirement and that your new home is beautiful- hope to see it someday.Hi to everyone!

  5. Grandma

    My beautiful princesses are getting so tall! they certainly look happy and content! Meegan you did an amazing job with the blog writing and the photos. thanks to Simon also for getting the blog set up! I found it easy to navigate too! keep the blogs coming…thanks for a window into your lives..love, Mom

  6. Marcia Badger

    Wow!! I absolutely love this! Meegen your photographs are wonderful! The girls are getting so big and they are beautiful! Please keep posting as it is a great way for us to stay connected . Great Job!

    Much Love,

  7. Tanta Jenny

    Great job Sissy! Loved reading about all of your adventures. Good work! Girls are getting so big! Kiera looks just like you as a child (minus the buck teeth). Xo

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