Currywurst mit Pommes and Döner Kebab/ Street Food

One of the most popular street foods that you will find everywhere here is Currywurst (wurst with a curry sauce over it) with fries (usually with mayo to dip them in). Döner Kebab and Gyros are also popular and sehr lecker (very delicious).


Currywurst mit Pommes. Curry is a VERY popular spice here. It’s everywhere- curry potato chips, curry crackers, curry popcorn, curry soup, etc.


Döner Kebab/ Gyros meat on the spit


Gyros (shaved off the meat spit) with tzatziki sauce and fries.


This picture cracks me up. Could he be any more excited for Gyros?


At a local currywurst Imbiss.


Kiera the collector strikes again- she always takes home her little plastic currywurst fork!


There is a huge Turkish community here. This is one of their specialties- Turkish Pizza (being made). A spice paste (I think there’s curry in there) is spread over a super thin crust. You can add cheese or meat on top. Then it’s rolled up.


Turkish Pizza rolled up and ready to go.



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    No shortage of chow there..yum!

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