We vacationed at Oma and Opa’s place in Italy twice this past year- October vacation and Easter vacation. Altogether we spent about five weeks in Italy (France and Monaco as well since they’re less than an hour away!). So there are lots of vacation blog posts coming your way! For October vacation, we flew to […]

May Day

Yesterday (May 1st) was May Day- a national holiday in Germany (no work/school/stores open). It’s similar to our Labor Day in America (but different as well). I had no idea it was such a big holiday here. Here’s a link describing  May Day in Germany… I remember Simon telling me in a letter (when we […]


KVB is Köln’s subway/ transit system. It works on an honor system of sorts in the sense that there are no turnstiles- you just walk onto the train. They have machines where you can buy per-ride tickets or you can get a monthly pass (unlimited rides). To keep you honest they have ticket checkers who […]