Whew- that was a long one!

Sorry for the unintentional blog break! This time of year is always crazy busy for us. First there was Quinnie’s birthday 5 days before Christmas, then Christmas, then New Year’s (we hosted both), then there were 2 weeks when I had almost no free time because the girls had over 2 weeks of school vacation and Simon was working so I had no help, then everybody was sick, then Kiera’s birthday, then Simon’s birthday, then my birthday, (by brother and niece have January birthdays as well), then we were all sick AGAIN (don’t you just love winter?!), then a scary medical issue (more on that later), then cousin Maxim’s birthday, then Oma’s birthday and Valentine’s Day…

Being a procrastinator at heart,  I was feeling overwhelmed by all of the photos I had to sort through to catch up on blog posts so I kept finding other projects that needed to get done. And then I fell into the Black Hole that is Pinterest…(lol). So I am going to make my best attempt this weekend to try and catch up -even though I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep. Kiera’s been waking up screaming in pain at least a few nights a week (this has been going on for about 8 months). The backs of her knees/ ligaments/ muscles have really been bothering her (mostly only at night). The Dr. thinks it’s just growing pains. So usually around 2 or 3 am I am up and drawing a hot bath for her or massaging her legs to try and calm her down. Poor girl. So next post will be… Quinnie’s Birthday!

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