Flashback Video (Quinnie’s Rasselbande Performance)

I just came across this video from 2 years ago of Quinnie and some of her classmates performing a song at her German Preschool in San Diego. Wanted to publish it here so that I can always find it. Quinnie loves to perform and is a total ham (as you will see- she ends up being the second “princess” on the right). Wish we could have shown the video a bit larger (it’s funnier because you can see the facial expressions better). She is singing so loudly that she almost falls off the stairs, and has to be pulled off the stage because she keeps bowing. She cracks me up! (Actually you can enlarge the video in the bottom right corner of the video screen)


One thought on “Flashback Video (Quinnie’s Rasselbande Performance)

  1. Grandma

    LOL…I love the video and you are right…she loves to perform…get ready!! have you shown Q this video lately? What was her reaction? thanks for posting Meegan..love! mom

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