Lentbad is a massive building next to Lentpark where you can go swimming or ice skating (and probably lots of other activities that I don’t even know about!). The girls have really developed a love for ice skating and ask to go there most weekends (just a short bike ride away!).




next to Lentpark (above)


There are about 4 floors with 2 separate rinks and a swimming pool. On the weekends they have Family Skate Party (with techno music, strobe lights and disco balls) or Regular Skate (top floor- around a huge donut circle track).


Swimming Pool with ice rinks above and below


With my limited German it was a nightmare navigating this place (Simon wasn’t with us the first time we went).  This involved 3 floors and 4 different lines we had to wait in (for specific tokens and tickets, then skate rentals and returns) and 2 different color tokens given (one to rent skates and one you needed to exit the building and had to put it in a specific turnstile). I managed to keep my cool and made it through somehow. The place was crazy busy, which only added to the stress. The girls had fun though, so I suppose it was worth the aggravation.


I spoke German one of the skate rental women and she had to get someone else to help me because she couldn’t understand me (lol!).




They have lots of different skate aids to choose from. Kiera always insists on the penguin.








Family Skate Party complete with flashing lights and techno music. Video below of Simon and Quinnie there (shaky since he’s skating). You can enlarge all of the videos in the bottom right corner of each video screen.


Video of the girls skating on the upstairs rink (below)


Video of Kiera’s first time skating (she loved it and never got frustrated when she fell- just popped right back up and kept trying!)


Kiera again (love how she’s propping herself up with her chin resting on the penguin!)


Video of Quinnie, her friend Irma, and Kiera (below)




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  1. Grandma

    Love my little ice skaters! So ingenious they have the animals to help the kids learn to balance! the last video with Kiera looking at the child next to her and wanting to skate faster than him??she is so competitive…GREAT activities for the girls and I am impressed Meegan that you ventured alone the first time…good mama! Xx grandma

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