Last Bavarian Vacation Post- Random Pics

Here are some pics that didn’t make it into any of the other Bavarian posts…


On the way there and back were hundreds of miles of these yellow flower fields on both sides of the Autobahn (intermittently interrupted by cute little villages- often with cute little castles upon their hills). I looked the yellow flowers up when I got home and there were a few options that they could be- I think it’s Rapeseed though. Beautiful.

So many times I wanted to pull over and get photos but we had 6 hours of driving to get through with 2 kids so we just steamrolled right through. The girls actually did GREAT during the driving. We only stopped once for a potty break. They hardly complained at all. And this is WITHOUT any movies or games on phones, etc. Just looking at the views out the window and talking to entertain us. I remember reading Annie Leibovitz’s autobiography where she talked about her family going on innumerable road trips when she was growing up. She said that all of those countless hours of looking out the car windows was the beginning of her seeing the world framed through a lens (the lens being her car window). I always thought that was interesting.

The next 6 pics were hastily snapped from our car as we drove by…




check out those wood stacks!


We saw a few villages with no paved roads- just grass.


little church on a hill


Onion dome churches everywhere!




All over Germany (especially in Bavaria) you’ll see these strange markings in chalk written on doorways. These are marked on Epiphany (Jan. 6th)- celebrating the arrival of the Magi visiting newborn Jesus. In addition to being the initials of the 3 wise men (Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar), the letters also stand for the Latin phrase Christus mansionem benedicat-“May Christ bless this house.” The little crosses separating the letters remind all who enter that the house has been blessed in the year (20+14, etc.- depending on the year). Those who donate to charities get their doors chalked up in thanks, and the marks are left on the door. (I got this information from Rick Steve’s Germany book- which I HIGHLY recommend).




this one’s on Quinnie’s school door


Had to pull over and get a pic of this (just down the road from the farm where Simon used to vacation as a kid).


Simon spotted this- check out the hats on the road crew (you can click to enlarge)


even their garages are cool

IMG_1546 1

Papa cuddles


The girls loved playing with this huge stone ball that floats on water that you could spin (in a fountain in Garmisch).


Happy Girl


in Garmisch-Partenkirschen


Window shopping in Oberammergau.


Kiera’s drawing of us leaving our home (The Weckschnapp) and driving to Bavaria.


Quinnie’s drawing of The Alps

IMG_1512 1

Kiera’s drawing of The Alps.

Whew! Finally done posting for our Bavarian vacation. I should make it easier on myself on our next vacation and not take so many photos, but I can’t seem to help myself! I hope these posts do their job and keep these wonderful family memories alive for our girls. Hope you enjoyed them also!



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