Dandelions and Buttercups

The girls are very into Dandelion and Buttercup flowers right now. To the point that a normally 15 minute walk to the subway station takes twice as long because they can’t bear to pass them by. They love to blow the seeds off the dandelions and make wishes. Quinnie likes to keep her wishes secret, but Kiera tells me hers, and she always wishes for frozen yogurt! Sadly, it’s hard to find here- there’s mostly just eis or gelato. I miss it also Kiera!










And I just had to add this one because Kiera’s head looks like a dandelion in this pic (lol)! Kiera’s skin and hair is so fair that camera light meters often overexpose her when the sun is shining on her like this. We have LOTS of pics like this one in our photo library!




2 thoughts on “Dandelions and Buttercups

  1. Tante Jenny

    I love how adventurous they are! Their future significant others have it easy if these are their favorite flowers..think of all of the money they will save. xo

  2. Grandma

    Love this..the girls have always loved picking any flower or weed and bring it home! They are so in awe of their surroundings! that is a good thing…love K’s fly away hair…wish I could hug them both! Xo

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