Kiera’s Glasses

You may remember that we found out Kiera needed eyeglasses from this post. Since then we’ve been really talking up this whole “getting new eyeglasses” thing. Saying things to her like, “I can’t believe you get to have eyeglasses- Papa had to wait until he was a grownup to get some!! And mama still doesn’t get to have any (to which she would giggle with glee)!

We did such a good job of it that Quinnie started to get REALLY jealous and feel left out that she didn’t get to have glasses. So we told her that if we found an inexpensive pair she could get some (without a prescription). So we all headed to the Schildergasse (big shopping street) and went to Fielmann (big eyeglass store).

We had Kiera try on about twenty different pairs, but she only had eyes for the PINK ones (much to my dismay). I kept trying to steer her towards other more neutral pairs but she kept insisting those were the ones she had to have. Simon said, “Let’s just get her the ones she wants- she’ll be more likely to be good about wearing them if she likes them.” So here they are…


We paid an extra 70 euros to get the prescription glass made thinner. When the sales clerk showed us how thick her glasses would be without it, I was shocked. My first thought was “Oh God- my baby is blind!” Her prescription is so thick that it slightly distorts how her eyes look when she’s wearing her glasses.

By the way, remember how I mentioned in this post and this post that with health insurance here medical care and medicine for children is pretty much free? Not so for eyeglasses, which I find odd. I mean, seeing properly is pretty essential for learning and life in general…

Kiera is far-sighted so she mostly needs her glasses for school things- reading/ writing/ drawing. I’ve noticed she likes to take them off for watching TV and outdoor play. She was SO EXCITED to show her new glasses to her teachers and friends at school. When I told her she had to wait until school the next morning to show them she said, “But the night is TOO LONG Mama!!” She is so proud of them.


Quinnie’s glasses. They’re called “Fenster (window) Glass” here because there’s no prescription in them. The little stinker has only worn them once since she got them. I think she was just feeling jealous or left out that Kiera was getting something that she wasn’t. Good thing they only cost 15 euros!


On the way home we saw this guy setting up his piano in front of the Kölner Dom.


Then off to the train station to grab a pretzel and head home.


I’m so glad my baby can see now. On the way home she was so distracted by all of the new sights that she could barely follow a conversation/ reply to questions. I admit that I can’t wait until she outgrows this pink phase though…



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  1. Grandma

    Kiera looks so beautiful in her new pink glasses!Quinnie also looks lovely in her window pane glasses…happy learning and exploring little ladies! Love you..xoxo

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