It’s Pantoffeln Time!

The girls started back to school on Aug. 20th. I took these pics about a week before that, while we were doing our back-to-school shopping. For kids in Germany, that usually means a new pair of Pantoffeln (rubber soled slippers that kids wear during school). The girls were excited to pick out a new pair (kind of like picking out a new lunchbox in the States). We went to the Schildergasse (big pedestrian shopping street here) to buy some. Here’s last year’s post on back-to-school items and Pantoffeln.




Always so much to see on the Schildergasse! The girls especially love all of the street musicians.


Success! These are the Pantoffeln they chose this year. Kiera wanted the same ones that Quinnie had.




They were really excited when I told them that they could have the empty shoe boxes when we got home. They decorated the outsides of them. Kiera filled hers with presents for Papa. Contents (above) included pictures she drew for him (including a Brazilian flag- lol) and some coins (from his own pocket!).


Quinnie felt badly that I was left out so she quickly whipped up a shoebox present for me as well (above)…


Then we went to Kaufland (Germany’s version of Walmart) to buy a few more things we needed. While we were there, we saw some Schultüten (cardboard horns given to First Graders on their first day of school that are filled with treats and school supplies). The girls wanted me to buy some, so I explained to Kiera that she had to wait one more year. Quinnie complained that she wanted a do-over on the one that she got last year when she started First Grade. She was thrilled with it at the time but has since heard us tell this story, so I think she hoped we’d feel guilty and buy her a new one.


Schultüten that parents decorate and fill with treats (above).


These are a few of the Schultüten that were hanging up at Kiera’s KiTa/ Preschool before summer vacation (for the students that were going to be starting First Grade). She’s been pretty inspired by them and has drawn NUMEROUS Schultüten  over the summer…










I especially love this one. Candy bursting out of the Schultüte, cotton candy spinning tree, castle in the clouds (w/ stairs up and a slide down), and Q and K stick figures.


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  1. Grandma

    I love Kiera’s art work..she is very creative! the slippers for school looks very comfy..grandma should get a pair of those! miss you so much..can’t wait to see you at Christmas..xo

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