The FP


That’s code for Favorite Parent.

We definitely have one of those in our family, and it’s definitely Papa. I don’t take it too personally because I mostly know why. Papa is the parent who is around the least, and when he is around it’s all about having fun. One of the reasons I married Simon was because I knew he would be an amazing father. I’m not sure how I knew that exactly, since I’d never really seen him around kids, but I just knew.  And I was right.

Unfortunately, Papa also doesn’t believe the following things are very important in a child’s life- eating healthy, a reasonable bedtime, doing homework, learning to read, getting to school on time, wearing bike helmets, parent supervision, etc.  So all of that stuff is left for me to handle- making me the annoying parent who makes the girls do all of the boring/ un-fun things in life. Our differing parenting styles are probably the biggest challenge in our marriage. I wish the “responsible” part of parenting wasn’t mostly on me. Hopefully when our girls are older and possibly parents themselves, they’ll realize that even though I wasn’t the FP, what I did for them was also important. One can hope, right?

Having said all of that, just like me, Simon loves our girls more than anything else in the world, and he shows them every day. I am SO thankful for that. The bar is set very high for future partners of our girls!



how she looks at him!




playing computer games together




Most of the pictures drawn are for Papa. The meager few that I get are like gold (to me).


Kiera saved one of her precious chocolates for Papa (and wrote a K LP on it- Kiera Loves Papa).


She’s a smart girl- she put it where she knew he’d find it- his laptop!


typical scene when Papa comes home


It’s just as easy to spell “Mama” you know…

The other day I overheard Kiera say to Quinnie, “I wish Papa was the boss- then we could eat candy ALL day!” (Simon always tells the girls that I’m the boss). There’s no question that I’m the disciplinarian in the family. Kiera  took a video (below) of Quinnie pretending to poke her with a needle. All it took was the dreaded threat of, “Stop it or I’m going to tell Mama!” to put an end to it.

As an experiment one day, when the girls were being annoying I said, “Stop it or I’m going to tell Papa..” They both paused and looked at me blankly for a few seconds before busting out laughing…



2 thoughts on “The FP

  1. Priscilla Jenks

    Be a proud Mama, Meegan. All the love, discipline and high expectations are in their best interest. We need more parents like that. They love you and take you for granted. Very normal. They may come to appreciate all you have done , but more than that you will know you did your very best.
    There is no perfect parent that is for sure. It seems like you and Simon strike a nice balance in your Parenting. Your girls are blessed to have you both to nurture and guide them through childhood.❤️

  2. Marlaine Lerz

    Cute! They do love their papa and know who to turn to for comfort and reassurance! You are the stead6 Rock and in time, they will realize me! Simon is the adventurous one and that appeals to them right now! He is a good teacher who loves to learn right along with them.. You are the ultimate mama bear.. Be proud of it! ❤️

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