Lucerne, Switzerland

On the way to Italy for Fall vacation, we decided to split up the long drive over two days so it wouldn’t be so hard on the girls ( and us! ). Lucerne, Switzerland is almost exactly at the halfway mark, so we decided to check it out, and I’m SO glad we did!

Before hitting the city, we pulled over at a rest stop and found all of the things you would expect to find at a Swiss rest stop..


Swiss army pocket knives

cow bells

even fondue pots!

and Swatch watches, of course!

cool faucets in the bathroom that wash AND dry your hands (am I easily impressed?)

driving into Lucerne..

The city’s famous Chapel Bridge- built in the 14th century

the girls on the bridge

All along the ceiling of the inside of the bridge are these cool paintings of scenes from the city’s history..

photos taken from inside/ on the bridge..

can you see the castle up on the hill?

the girls and Simon on the smaller bridge that’s parallel to the Chapel Bridge

checking out all of the birds..

across the river..

Talk about a family tree!

with the Chapel bridge in the background..

Probably their favorite part of the day- checking out the wildlife..

Finding these swan feathers definitely made their day. I love that they would much rather have these than buy something in a store.

The architecture in Lucerne is incredible..

where’s Quinnie?

you know I can’t resist a beautiful door..

Even more birds- they were in heaven!

I saw later that Kiera had written this on her arm 🙂

When it started to get dark we got back on the road. We passed by many interesting things like this (above), and you realize that you’re probably missing out on seeing so much.  If only we had all of the time in the world!

Next up… Italy!!

Here’s a link if you’d like to read more about Lucerne.


5 thoughts on “Lucerne, Switzerland

  1. Aunt Jenny

    I think you need to get the girls a pet!

    • Meegan

      I think so too- would be great for both of them in so many ways. Our place is so small though- wouldn’t be fair to the pet..

  2. Diane

    Gorgeous pictures! Each and every one looks like a postcard. Girls are getting so big…pretty too! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your blogs.

    • Meegan

      Thanks Di! Hope you and the family are doing well!

  3. Grandma Lerz

    Lucerne must go on my Bucket List too..even though you gave us all a beautiful glimpse to the beauty and architecture there! The girls look like they are really enjoying their time there too! Dad would love the rest stop with the Swiss Army knives and of course I would be at the Lindt store❤️

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