Our trek to get Roi Olive Oil

The Liguria region of Italy (where Simon’s parents have their home) is known for it’s incredible olives and olive oil. Friedel told us we could buy amazing olive oil just a 30 minute drive from their place. He said that Roi brand was voted the best olive oil in the world. I wanted to stock up since we go through olive oil so fast (also, did you read those articles that said lots of olive oil isn’t even mostly olive oil?!). I also figured I could buy extra for teacher gifts at Christmas as well. So off we went!

LOTS of bikers in Italy

The streets got narrower and narrower. By the way, the pic above and the following pics are of  TWO WAY roads- yikes! It often felt like there was barely even room for one car! Especially worrisome since beyond that guardrail was nothing- we were on the side of a mountain..

I had to get out to take photos a few times- some interesting sights along the way..

mini vineyard

little village on the mountain

When we got to the top of the mountain (and after almost an hour of driving) without reaching our destination, we knew we were lost. Simon called Friedel to get better directions and we realized we had gone WAY out of our way. We weren’t even bummed though- it was such a beautiful detour.

Yay! This is the right place..

The outside of the building had a photo of the owner’s family from when they started the company.

olive tree made out of olive wood over the doorway

They had every kind of olive product you could imagine (including olive wood utensils and cutting boards)

our very own Vanna White 🙂

We left with 2 big boxes full of olive oil 🙂

more interesting sights on the way home..

Gigantic olives sculpture for the olive capital of Italy!


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  1. Grandma Lerz

    More beautiful sights! The road trip must have been a nail biter? Love olive oil❤️

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