Signs of Spring and Easter Prep

I love watching the transformation from dreary, grey winter to blooming, blue-sky Spring. So do the girls..

spending more time at the playground


sending down lots of “picnic bags” full of snacks and a blanket so the girls and their friends can picnic in the park..

Wild daffodils grow in the park every Spring. The girls sometimes pick a few for me,,

favorite fruits are finally in season..

and favorite flowers too (I love the scent of Hyacinth!)

everything blossoming everywhere

signs of Easter too..

in the train station

in a shopping plaza

the girls made these planters in school

making Easter crafts and decorations..

coloring Easter eggs with Grandma

they came out great!

We usually have an Easter egg hunt every year for the girls and their friends (that aren’t already away on vacation). This year we had two since some of their best friends couldn’t make it to the first hunt. That’s a lot of eggs to fill and hide!

So glad my Mom was there to help!

1st hunt- so excited!

chowing on candy (I filled them with small toys and stickers too)

2nd hunt- getting ready to run..

this pic cracks me up

opening the eggs at home (it was wet and rainy outside)

Every year we make our traditional Easter Bunny cake. My Mom started this tradition when I was a kid, so it was nice to have her here making it with the 2nd generation.


One thought on “Signs of Spring and Easter Prep

  1. Grandma Lerz

    I’m so glad we could be a part of your Easter, spring celebrations! So much fun and something new to do everyday..loved the Easter egg hunts in the park. THe kids were so excited. I am blessed to be able to share our traditions with the girls too❤️

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