Harmonica Dance Show at Oma and Opa’s Place

Quinnie loves to perform and usually asks us to take video of her. She asked us to put this on the blog so that our relatives in America could see it. Kiera added, “Make sure Oma and Opa see it too!” (they were at their place in Italy)



It’s amazing that Kiera even did this much- for some reason she is very self conscious when dancing and will almost never do it if she knows someone is watching. Quinnie thought Kiera stopped dancing because she was tired- so she gave her a sugar cube for energy! Quinnie told be later that the harmonica was her great-grandfather’s (Oma’s Dad)!



2 thoughts on “Harmonica Dance Show at Oma and Opa’s Place

  1. Grandma

    I really enjoyed watching your video girls! you both play the harmonica very well and I loved your dance routines! Keep the videos and blogs coming as we miss you very much…I hope you feel better now Q? it sure looked like you had plenty of energy…K needed a sugar cube to prompt her to finish! Great idea…have fun! Hugs, grandma xoxo

  2. harry

    Zuper ! Quinnie and Kiera are natural harmonica players and dancers !

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