Basilika Sankt Gereon

One of the perks of living in Köln? Being eight years old and getting to sing with your school choir (Chor) in Basilika Sankt Gereon! Definitely click on that link to see a pic of the outside- I didn’t get a good one myself.

The Wikipedia page on Sankt Gereon states that “the first mention of a church at the site, dedicated to St. Gereon, appears in the year 612.”  Amazing. It also mentions that St. Gereon is “one of twelve great churches in Cologne that were built in the Romanesque style.”

Quinnie and her Chor are occasionally asked to sing during church services there. Something else that makes Basilika Sankt Gereon special to us? Oma’s parents were married there! It’s so incredible (and unusual to me) to be living in a place that has so many family ties that go back generations (for Simon and the girls at least).

(Quinnie is in the red sweater)


Video of the Chor singing. You can click on the bottom right corner to view it full screen. Quinnie is in the middle of the middle row (she keeps picking at her eye because she had an eyelash stuck in there).

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