Kiera loses her first tooth!

About six weeks after her sixth birthday, Kiera lost her first tooth! Just like her sister, Kiera’s teeth come in like a shark’s- one set right behind the other.


see what I mean?


When I saw the shark teeth I knew what was coming, so we started reading some of our tooth books to prepare.


One night while Kiera was in bed I heard her casually exclaim, “Finally! My tooth is out!” She’d been wiggling it for days. She was SO proud!



Kiera checking out her new smile. Quinnie is in the background desperately searching for a loose tooth so she can get some of the attention!


proudly showing Ella her tooth (kept in her special “tooth box”)


Kiera doesn’t seem to have any of the same hangups as her sister as far as wiggling loose teeth and losing her teeth. She’s a cool customer- totally laid back about it. At first she said she wanted the Tooth Fairy to come, but then Quinnie convinced her that her teeth are more precious than anything the Tooth Fairy could bring. So she decided to keep it forever in her fancy tooth box.

I can’t believe what a big girl my baby is becoming.


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