Oma and Opa’s Place in Italy

Oma and Opa bought their place in Italy when Simon was just a baby. Opa Friedel’s sister also bought a home in the same village around the same time. So Simon and Ruth got to make some great childhood memories here with their cousins. Opa’s brother eventually bought a home in the same neighborhood as well.

Simon grew up spending most of his school vacations and summers here, so this really is like a second home to him. Some of his favorite childhood memories are of taking the overnight train from Germany to Italy. His cousins also bring their children here for vacations now. Our kids are all around the same age, so we have to coordinate dates sometime so that we’ll all be here together again.


The doorway. These statues of Mary are everywhere. This one always has fresh flowers in front of it.


The girls LOVE Opa’s Motorino (motorized bike). They ask to ride it every day. Kiera squeals with delight every time Simon opens up the throttle 🙂 (don’t worry- they had their helmets on for the ride)


The living room has a wood burning stove- so cozy (especially on rainy days).


View from the roof patio. Can you see Quinnie checking out our neighbor’s chicken coop?


The olive groves behind the house


Lemon and lime trees everywhere!

IMG_1570 2

IMG_1427 2

Our neighbor let the girls pick some of his oranges (and harass his chickens!). I have to say I’m impressed with how decent Simon’s Italian is after not being here for so long! The neighbors are all super nice, and like to stop and chat. The neighborhood often gets together for outdoor meals (especially on holidays) and we’ve been invited a few times (even though they don’t know us).

IMG_6662 1

That chicken got SO much attention! I think this was seriously one of the big highlights of the vacation for the girls. Maybe we should give up on trying to expose them to different cultures and just spend all of our vacations at a farm!

IMG_7119 2

IMG_1436 2

Kiera always insists on climbing this wall when we pass it (which is at least twice a day).


More alters for Mary…




The neighborhood is incredible- you can walk around for hours- so much to see!

Simon remembers this well from when he was a kid (left). / This is where the neighborhood women used to do their laundry (right). Closeup below..


IMG_1660 2

typical mailbox here



Whenever I’m in Italy, the words “elegant decay” come to mind…


How lucky are we that we get to come here (and have a free place to stay!) whenever we want?! I hope someday the girls realize what a gift this is. I think they will 🙂

Here’s some more information on Imperia


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