Naturalis Biodiversity Center / Post #2 (Leiden, The Netherlands)


I think Kiera checked out every computer screen available in the museum.


cool display about how the tilt in the Earth’s axis is responsible for the seasons


Kiera checking out T-Rex leg to scale


IMG_0134 1


Kiera watching a hologram video of a dinosaur egg hatching (in the orange box). Video below…

Is that real (lol!)?


dinosaur eggs







Insects in amber. Is it horrible that I immediately thought “Jurassic Park!”?


cool fossils


Kiera LOVED this game. The helmet helps you slurp up flower nectar (sound effects and everything!). The lighted tube (behind her) lets you know how much nectar you’ve collected by how full it gets.

This (on the left) was a memory game. You had to study a trail before getting on and try and replicate it on the maze (and it times you). Quinnie rocked this (she’s so great at memory games!). On the right is one of the ads for the museum.

IMG_0103 1

This was the “scent station.” You press a button and have to guess the scent that wafts out. This particular one was poop scented (for real). Kiera couldn’t get enough of it (lol!) She’d smell it and say, “Ew! That’s so gross”! But then press it over and over again…

IMG_0109 1

This was the “taste section”. You put your hand into the circle and it drops one tiny clear drop of liquid onto you. You then taste it and have to guess which taste it is. They kept going back to the “sweet” tasting one (not surprised at all!).

IMG_0123 1

Quinnie directing Papa to the warm spots under the floor using an infrared screen.

IMG_0136 1

gift shop on the way out

IMG_0139 1

If you have the chance you should definitely bring your kids here. They’ll love it!

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