We’re Back!

Hello! Sorry for the long, unintended blog break. The girls and I just got back (well, a few weeks ago..) from a five week vacation in America! Simon had to stay in Köln for work. Don’t feel too bad for him though. He got to go on an amazing hiking/camping trip in the French Alps with Opa, Maxim and some friends. The photos from his trip are INCREDIBLE. I’m sure I’ll be posting some here at some point! We sure missed him, but still managed to have an amazing vacation!

We spent most of our time in New Hampshire- the state I’m from, and where Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jenny, and Uncle Kevin still live. The girls were especially excited that they were going to get to spend two whole weeks with their cousins Madeline and Audrey. We also visited relatives in Upstate New York, and friends in Maine.

Since Simon (and his laptop) wouldn’t be with us in the States, I bought a new laptop so I could download photos and do blog posts during our trip (I really had the best intentions!). Unfortunately, the laptop had a German keyboard. Not my favorite. At all. To the point that I dreaded even typing emails, never mind blog posts. Luckily my new USA keyboard is on it’s way. And so are LOTS of posts about our American vacation! Trying not to think about the 5,000 vacation photos I need to wade through…

The girls and I were SO excited to be heading back to the States. We hadn’t been since our move to Germany two years ago! We were even going to be in America for the 4th of July! A week before we left, we started reading some of our “American” books to get us even more excited.





I bought these American flag lollypops at a subway station in Köln (airplane treat for the girls).


Before I get into our summer vacation blog posts I have to share a few pics from Kiera’s last day (EVER) of Kita. My little girl is growing up. She just started first grade this week! Above is a present from her Kita teacher.




closeup- it’s a photo of Kiera and her Kita classmates..


and a lovely note.


2 thoughts on “We’re Back!

  1. Jenn Norr

    Miss you guys, such a nice visit!

  2. Marlaine Lerz

    sweet Kiera..Grandma is so excited for you entering your new school! Have a GREAT year of learning and making new friends..love you sweetie..xo

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