Schultüten (school cones) are given to kids in Germany on their first day of First Grade (Einschulung). Parents usually put in a lot of effort to make them special for their kids. There are even clubs of Moms who meet up to make them together. You can even buy “themed” craft kits to make it a bit easier.


Here are some made by Moms at Kiera’s school.


Saw this pirate themed ready-made one at a craft store for 50 euros ($56)!




Kiera saw this dolphin one and had to have it. I was a little bummed because I actually enjoy crafting and had lots of ideas for her Schultüte, but it was her day, so I let her choose. Our store bought one was definitely in the minority though…



Inside the Schultüte, parents put little treats like school supplies, toys/games, candy, etc. The pics above and below are of what was inside Kiera’s…


German candy…



American candy (I bought some in the States when we were visiting a few weeks earlier)


nail polish, bubbles, a new dragon to add to her collection


balsa wood airplanes to add to her collection


I found this cute ornament at a store in Bavaria when we were there on vacation a year ago.


bracelet and flower hair clip from Oma


I knew Quinnie would probably be feeling a bit jealous and left out since her Schultüte days are over (and because hers wasn’t so great), so we bought her one of these “Friend Books” that are popular at her school.


Here are some of the inside pages of the book. You give the book to your friends for a few days so they can fill in all of the questions about their lives. Examples of questions are “What’s your nickname? Where do you live? What’s you phone number/ email? Eye color? Hair color? Do you have pets? Favorite school subject? Favorite teacher? What are your hobbies? What’s your dream career? Favorite book/ song/ movie/ color/ food? What annoys you? When I’m grownup…/ My idea of a perfect day is…/  My wish for you is…./. Then there’s a place for the friend to paste a picture of themselves on their page. It’s really cute.




She played with her empty Schultüte for weeks. She looks like a drunk wizard here (lol).


I have a feeling that this is my last post on Schultüten since our youngest has already received hers 🙁 Where did the time go?!


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4 thoughts on “Schultüten

  1. Linda Mele

    I knew about this tradition because for a few years, when I was teaching, there was one that the students decorated for themselves and I filled it with their crayons, erasers, & pencils. Thanks for setting me straight. Mine was tiny compared to the real ones. I so enjoy reading your blogs.

    • Meegan

      Thanks so much Linda!

  2. Harry

    Really enjoyed your blogs !

    • Meegan

      Thanks Dad!

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