Halloween 2015

Halloween isn’t really celebrated in Germany like it is in America. The past few years have been kind of a bust, as far as finding fun things for the girls to do (since there’s no Trick-or-Treating here). It bums me out that they don’t get to grow up experiencing American Halloween like I did.

So this year we decided to throw our own Halloween party for their closest friends. It was lots of work (for me), but totally worth it. Everyone had a blast!


First, the girls helped me decorate our place. I’m so glad we brought all of our Halloween decorations from the States since they’re hard to find here.





Their own art work- the best decorations of all!









Quinnie the witch coveting the treats. They don’t sell Caramel Apple making kits here (I miss you Brach’s!), so I had to make them from scratch. It was very time consuming- I’ll have to stock up on some kits this summer in America (like I did with those Candy Corn in the bowl- can’t buy those here either).


Kiera was elated when her dragon costume finally arrived. A dream come true for this dragon obsessed girl of ours! She especially loved the toe talons and wings.



She wears it often- not just for Halloween and Karneval. Here she is wearing it to do homework.



Halloween crafts



Wish I’d gotten some pics of the kids Halloween tattoos we had. They were a big hit!


Since we couldn’t go Trick-or-Treating, I figured a candy filled piñata would be a nice treat (I ordered it on amazon.de). I think a lot of the kids had never seen one before. You can tell by the pics that they weren’t really sure what it was all about (lol!). Luckily they got into it after a few minutes.



I didn’t get a pic of the piñata breaking open and them scrambling to get the candy because I was too busy making sure nobody got trampled…


I ordered this giant bubble maker on amazon as well. Best 15 euros I’ve ever spent. The kids LOVED it. They played with it for hours. We’ve since brought it out for the kids at every party- a guaranteed hit!

By the way, the girl making the bubbles is Mia. She is Louis and Ella’s older cousin. She’s been coming by our place once a week to practice speaking English (she wants to eventually do a high school exchange program in America or England). She’s such a great kid. She helps Quinnie with her German reading, and helps wrangle all of the kids during parties. She’s the best!



Love this pic of the kids (especially Kiera!).


The calm after the storm. Quinnie and her best friend Antonia in a leaf pile.

The girls want us to have a Halloween party every year. We shall see…

5 thoughts on “Halloween 2015

  1. Aunt Jenny

    Such a good Mom! Good work keeping the American traditions alive. Another fab post. LYLAS

    • Meegan

      Thanks Sissy!

      • Meegan

        The other day Kiera told me she like the German language better than English (knife to the heart 🙁 )

  2. Marlaine Lerz

    Love all your decorations and the way you displayed them..your place looks awesome. Beautiful photos of the park too! Love the girls costumes..they all look happy with all the activities you planned! You must be the “most fun mom” in the neighborhood! In years to come, the girls will appreciate all the traditions you have provided for them.❤️ Mom

    • Meegan

      Thanks Mumma! We’re making the bunny cake again for Easter this year- a tradition I got from you!

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