Sankt Martin’s Tag (Saint Martin’s Day) 2015

Every November 11th children in Germany celebrate Sankt Martin’s Tag. They get really excited about it- it’s kind of like how kids in America feel about Halloween (only it celebrates something much nicer). I’ve blogged about Sankt Martin before, so for more details about the day and its traditions, you can read about it in this earlier post.


I took this pic in Kaufland (Germany’s version of Walmart), a few weeks before Sankt Martin’s Tag. Everything you need to make your own lanterns!

These pics are from another craft store. Kids here get really creative and elaborate with their lantern ideas.


Left Pic- Hanging bulb lights for inside the lanterns (for younger kids). Right pic- Candle holders for inside the lanterns (for older kids).

The girls always make their lanterns at school with their classmates. Every floor of the school comes up with their own design, and the classes march together with their lanterns at the nighttime procession. I love the design this year- every side has something representing Köln.


The kids practice their Sankt Martin songs at school for weeks before. Kiera was excited to sing one for me when she got home one day…

Play date with friends after school- waiting until dark for the parade. I love all their lanterns waiting together by the door.


Weckmänner! It wouldn’t feel like Sankt Martin’s Tag without them!

getting ready for the procession..


bonfire after procession



Kiera and Louis


Playing music and singing Sankt Martin songs for treats at Rewe grocery store. They even handed out hot chocolate!




November 11th is also the first official day of Karneval, so the bars are usually all full of costumed revelers.


back at our building

The girls scored a decent amount of candy this year- they were pretty happy. What a fun night they had!

Here’s last year’s post on Sankt Martin’s Tag.


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  1. Marlaine Lerz

    Love the photo of Kiera and Louis! Another fun tradition..thanks for sharing your videos with us too! Xo mom

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