Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving was pretty low-key this year. I was still burnt out from the Halloween party we threw a few weeks earlier, and was already preparing for Quinnie’s birthday party a few weeks later.

Obviously Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Germany. Even if I’d been up for cooking, it’s really hard to make the traditional Thanksgiving dishes here because they don’t sell lots of the ingredients needed  (unless you want to use lots of substitutes and make everything from scratch).

I did make a pumpkin pie though- I refuse to have a Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. I had to make it from scratch- no canned pumpkin or ready made pie crusts here, unfortunately. The girls love pumpkin pie as much as I do, so it was worth the effort. I definitely missed the turkey with gravy and stuffing though!

Even though we live in Germany, I always make sure the girls celebrate Thanksgiving in little ways. We read lots of Thanksgiving books about the pilgrims (that I brought from the States), we do Thanksgiving crafts, and watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. They seem to enjoy it all, which is nice.





I love the Mayflower in the background!


The FP (favorite parent) strikes again!


that’s homemade crust y’all!


wait, is your piece bigger than mine?!


Quinnie’s picture of a guy thinking about pumpkin pie. Told you they love it!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015

  1. Diane

    You are such a good mom…the pie looks delish and I can’t believe you make it from scratch! The crust is hard enough to make. Love the girls pictures, they are so darling and Kiera looks just like her father!

    • Meegan

      Thanks so much Di! Hope we’ll see you again this summer!

  2. Marlaine Lerz

    Great art work! Nice to see their smiling faces..nice that you continue to celebrate USA. Traditions..xo mom

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