Snow Days!

Köln is one of the warmest places in Germany, so we don’t get much snow. If we’re lucky, we’ll maybe get a day or two of snowfall in winter.

This is considered a decent snowfall here. Just enough to make a scraggly, tiny snowman.

our snowman

I love that her hat is on backwards!

my little snow angel

Have you ever made snow creme? It’s amazing. You just collect a big bowl of new, light, fluffy snow and pour a can of evaporated milk over it. Simple and delicious!

The girls have been complaining about the lack of snow for years. Luckily, this year a friend told us we could find a pretty reliable amount of snow within an hour’s drive of Köln. Simon made plans to meet up with friends there, and everyone  had a blast!

And there was plenty of snow!

getting ready for their first run down the hill..

the expressions of their faces!

so happy to be sledding again!

a much bigger snowman!

love those rosy cheeks!

Perfect ending to a perfect day- pizza for dinner!

One thought on “Snow Days!

  1. Grandma Lerz

    So glad they are getting a taste of snow anyways! Love the rosy cheeks and the smiles! I remember a few years ago, at Christmas there was an inch..we quickly went outside and made a few scraggly snowmen, had a snowball fight! By noon, the snow had melted! I noticed they find a place for artwork wherever they go! My budding artists❤️

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