Karneval 2017 (Schull-und Veedelszöch)

Every year during Karneval season it always hits me how very lucky we are that we get to live in Köln. There’s nothing like it!

walking to the parade

Red and white are Cologne’s official colors, so you’ll see LOTS of it in the parade and at Karneval in general. These girls are dressed as Funkemariechen, a traditional Karneval costume (that I wrote about it in this post).

Clowns are another symbol of Karneval

The very beginning of the parade. They follow the same route throughout the city as the bigger Rosenmontag parade. Fifty-four Cologne schools are represented in this parade! The students, teachers (and some parents) plan the theme and make their own costumes and float every year. Months of work goes into it.

handing out flowers..

you’ll see the Kölner Dom represented many times..

Germans seem to love Native American culture- I’ll have to do a post about it someday..

confetti everywhere

the Dreigestirn represented!

Quinnie checking out Elvis!

Simon holding the flower bouquets the girls caught

Mother Cologne and Father Rhein 🙂

Quinnie scoring some more candy

If you’re wondering why there’s a beer in a school parade, you can read Simon’s comment on that in this post ..

video of the Karneval parade from above

One thought on “Karneval 2017 (Schull-und Veedelszöch)

  1. Grandma Lerz

    Amazing what the schools, teachers and parents can accomplish to put on such an elaborate Karnaval. Beautiful photos❤️Looks like fun…maybe Grandma can partake sometime

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