Special Guests (a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa)

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us for two weeks over Spring vacation. I cannot even begin to describe how excited the girls were. They were seriously more excited for Grandma and Grandpa’s visit than they were for Christmas (especially Kiera, which was surprising since she’s usually so stoic)!

Every day the girls would ask, “How many more days until Grandma and Grandpa are here? Why can’t they come RIGHT NOW?!” I eventually had to make a countdown calendar to manage the anticipation a bit.

sign the girls made and taped to our front door

Together at last!!

Grandpa picked out these amazing cards for the girls- they LOVED them!

Kiera proudly showing Grandma her drawings

Grandpa giving Quinnie some shooting tips

visiting the duck pond with Grandma

subway adventures

Roman ruins on the steps of the subway (they’re everywhere in Köln!)

exploring the city..

taking a break on the Rhein (with Hohenzollernbrücke in the background)

completely knitted bike!

we went to Hans im Glück (their favorite restaurant here)

the restaurant has great food, great music, and a great atmosphere (there are birch trees inside!)

We ate at the Früh (founded in 1904), one of the city’s famous old breweries..

we had some yummy street food as well..

fries with curry sauce

Döner Kebab

bakery treats

One of the perks of having my Mom around? She’ll leave the place cleaner than when she arrived. I would never ask her to clean my place- she just does it on her own. By the way, I cleaned those windows right before she arrived. They just weren’t “mom clean “, ya know? Thanks Mom!!

As a reward I took her to her Mecca- (a.k.a. Ikea). Step away from the napkins, Marlaine! She has a serious napkin addiction..

More posts from Grandma and Grandpa’s visit in Köln coming up!

Also, Happy 49th wedding Anniversary (today!), Mom and Dad! I love you both!


2 thoughts on “Special Guests (a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa)

  1. Aunt Jenny

    Awesome post and quite timely! The pic of Mom cleaning is priceless! You still have that Nordic Track? Wow

  2. Grandma Lerz

    You are sneaky! I don’t remember you taking that many photos of us? We had a wonderful time with you guys❤️For the record, Meegan’s home is neat and tidy! I just like to keep moving..hence washing windows Loved the excitement on the girls faces while we were there❤️❤️

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