Dolceacqua, Italy

Dolceacqua (it means “sweet water” in Italian), is a small, charming village in the province of Imperia. We explored it for a day and had so much fun!

The castle on the hill is believed to date back to the 11th century! It was damaged by invasions, and later a massive earthquake.

running up the bridge with Papa

views from the bridge..

under the bridge/ exploring the riverbank

Quinnie and I decided to start exploring the winding streets around the castle. There were SO many little hidden streets to discover- it was hard to keep track of where we’d already been. It reminded me a lot of Cervo. In the end, I think we managed to see most of it though!

Quinnie under a gigantic leaf

the foliage climbing this house was gorgeous

We found this little artist’s shop on one of the streets and bought a few drawings of Dolceacqua to bring home.

At the top of the hill next to the castle we found this little area that had lots of friendly cats wandering around. The girls were in heaven, of course. How they wish Simon wasn’t allergic so that we could have one for a pet!

self portrait with apple tree  😉

with Quinnie in front of the door

Quinnie was fascinated by all of the laundry hanging everywhere in Italy.

There were some odd little shops there also

Kiera chilling on the bridge on the way back to the parking lot…

…where we found even more cats!!

Goodbye, Dolceacqua- you’re a beauty!!

Here’s some more info on Dolceacqua..


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6 thoughts on “Dolceacqua, Italy

  1. Aunt Jenny

    Fab pictures Sissy! You have quite the eye…

  2. Linda Mele

    Beautiful pictures Meegan. You certainly captured the essence of this place.

    • Meegan

      Thanks Linda!

  3. Diane

    Beautiful! Wondering if you saw any people who lived there? Seemed pretty desolate? I love all the quaint, colorful buildings and winding streets.

    • Meegan

      Yes, it was pretty desolate, which was odd but nice. Very similar to when we were in Cervo as well!

  4. Grandma Lerz

    A beauty for sure! Loved the photos with the girls and your “self portrait”…love the cobblestone, narrow walkways and the street with so much to see❤️You guys are pretty fortunate to have all of this around you❤️

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