Finale Ligure, Italy (and other beach pics)

Every October vacation when we’re in Italy Simon and Quinnie like to meet up with friends of ours in Finale Ligure to go rock climbing (you can read a previous post I wrote about it here if you want).

Quinnie and friends climbing

Quinnie climbing (and look at that water!)

Can you see they guy on the slack-line?!

More slack-line pics…

Crazy, right?! There are also some amazing caves nearby.

Back in Porto Maurizio..

(that’s Kiera)

And in San Lorenzo studying sea urchins…

They were obsessed with learning how to pull barnacles off of rocks (it’s harder than you’d think!)

They were SO psyched to find jellyfish!

I love my little scientists!


One thought on “Finale Ligure, Italy (and other beach pics)

  1. Grandma Lerz

    What a beautiful seaside town! The girls play and explore well together. I also love the girls with their mama! I’d love to have a copy, pretty please❤️

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