Menton, France (and the rest of our Italy Pics)

We like to stop in Menton at least once every time we’re in Italy.

Quinnie and I checked out this outdoor Photo Gallery

The girls buy a bottle of perfume at this store every year

checking out some Halloween props…

Menton has the best tasting McDonald’s we’ve ever been too. I know it sounds crazy that we were in Italy and France and chose to eat at McDonald’s, but after 2 weeks of eating amazing food, sometimes you just want a cheeseburger. Ya feelin’ me?

It’s a high tech one too- you order for yourself on one of these touch screens

Giant Meringues for dessert

I’m always tempted to buy one of these straw bags, until I remember that I already own a million bags. But they’re so beautiful..

Now for the rest of our Italian vacation photos (not used in other posts)… I took this pic of the view from a rest stop in the Mosel Valley

cool cave

motorcycles everywhere

Here’s a more in-depth post I wrote on Menton

One thought on “Menton, France (and the rest of our Italy Pics)

  1. Grandma Lerz

    Loved Menton when we visited years ago! I see you Meegan! Wonderful photography, you manage to capture the town so well! Love the straw bags must get one❤️

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